This Land Is Your Land is a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening survey of corporate influence on American lives and politics and the stories of citizens who fought back. Featuring Marc Kasky, whose lawsuit over truth in advertising made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Father Tryphon, a Russian orthodox monk, who fought a coffee giant to keep the name “Christmas Blend” on his monastery coffee, Doris Haddock, the 89 year old who walked across the country to get corporate money out of politics, cultural critic Naomi Klein, writer Jack Newfield and many others. (from Leeds International Film Festival)


DIRECTOR: Lori Cheatle & Daisy Wright
PRODUCER: Lori Cheatle
CO-PRODUCER: Virginia Williams
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Brian Rigney Hubbard
EDITOR: Daisy Wright
DISTRIBUTOR: Argot Pictures


The 76th Whitney Biennial of Art
Art Basel Miami
Exit Art Gallery “Other America” exhibit


“Wonderful, irreverent…what’s to be found here are average people fighting against money and power for dignity and peace.” – Josh Cohen, New York Press

“Top rate. A must-see documentary that keeps coming at you…with surprising facts and pointed observations about life in America as a result of decisions made by corporations.” – The Atlanta Journal Constitution

“As powerful as Michael Moore’s firebrand muckraking, This Land is essential viewing.” – The Austin Chronicle