We are a company of producers with an appetite for bold, unusual, beautiful narratives. Our films are as unique and diverse as the directors behind them, with subjects ranging from personal stories, pop culture and music, to social issues, activism and the criminal justice system. We seek out high-profile subjects as well as surprising and untold stories.

Our films have screened at all the top international festivals including Sundance, Toronto, and Berlin, and have been released in theaters, on television, digital platforms and streaming services worldwide.

We’ve worked with top production companies and distributors on creative and critically acclaimed content including HBO, Sky Atlantic, Showtime, ZDF/Arte, IFC Films, Magnolia Pictures, Dogwoof, Cinereach, Story AB, SDI and Zeppers Film & TV.


The Hard Working Movies family is a mix of talented, experienced, hard working and passionate storytellers. We develop, create and produce films with strong characters and important, inspiring and entertaining stories to tell.

Lori Cheatle – Producer, Founder

Cristina Rodriguez – Associate Producer

Ryan Hadfield – Director of Development

Philip Thompson – Post Production and Media Management

Marissa Demitrion – Development Associate

Alejandra Vasquez – Producer at large